When you realize “who I am is enough,” you are truly rich.  Shame is the emotion of feeling “less than” or “more than” another person.  Many of us were made to feel guilty or shamed as a child by parents, teachers or authority figures in order to get us to do something.

The residual effects of this type of communication can be a lifetime struggle with self-esteem, unless the affected person makes a decision to break this pattern.

When you get to the point that “enough is enough” and you are ready to change, you can break these types of habitual thought patterns by setting a strong intention to do whatever it takes to live a shame free, guilt free life.

Then with that strong commitment set a goal around feeling “Equal To” others. Not, “less that” nor “more than” others, but “equal to” them.   Do this for 21 days and see the amazing effects for yourself.

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