thoughtsYour greatest thinking shows up in all areas of your life.
In fact, just look around! Your greatest thinking has got you exactly where you are in life. It has got you the relationships you are in, the home you are living in, the money you possess or not, the career you are in.
What you believe, and the questions you ask, has got you everything in your world. Your greatest thinking is either propelling you to unending success or stopping you dead in your tracts. Simply put, if you want to change your conditions, then you must change your thinking process. You alone are responsible for your thoughts, and consequently only you can change them. Because your thoughts are creating the world around you, only sincere and honest thinking will get you where you want to be.
So how can you change your thinking? Here is a proven formula for making quantum improvements in your thinking and life: Set your intention and expectation for absolute honesty, ask an empowering question, gently quiet your mind, patiently listen for the deep answers (which may be both simple and profound), and finally take the right actions. Remember, when you hear the truth you will know it. If you have any doubts, then you know that it is not the truth for you. Embrace your intuition, because when you know the truth the right actions follow easily.
You can change your thoughts and beliefs almost instantly when you
1) clearly understand your current reality
2) know what has been stopping your success
3) have a well-defined vision of where you want to be
4) possess a strong purpose for getting there, and
5) devise and follow an action plan to propel you forward.
Let’s briefly discuss the mind and how to tap into this treasure chest of resources.
There are three main areas of the mind: the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious. The conscious mind is comprised of your current perceptions and what you think is real.
The subconscious mind represents all that your conscious mind has perceived, interpreted, and recorded over your lifetime. You can access your subconscious mind through hypnosis or simple questions designed to access this powerful part of your mind.
The super conscious mind is where true genius, wisdom, power, and joy are located.
Like an iceberg, most of which is hidden beneath the waves, the answers to your deepest questions live in the part of your mind that is mostly beneath your conscious awareness. Remember that the expanse of iceberg beneath the surface is just as real as is the tip above. Similarly, the expanse of the super conscious mind submerged below your conscious and subconscious mind is just as real. This part of the mind is like a sunken treasure chest, full of jewels and unlimited wealth, just waiting for you to raise it to the surface.
You can access your super conscious mind by quieting your thoughts and asking powerful questions. Provide your mind with the gift of deep contemplation by being very still. Notice what comes up and practice listening to yourself. Ask anything you want to know and then wait quietly as you observe your thoughts. You need not make any effort. Just sit in silence and observe from the depths of total stillness.
As your intuition swings into action, you will clearly hear the answers to your questions. This lucid voice will open up your creativity and allow you to connect to your inner source of truth. You will recognize what you truly believe and what actions you want to take with ease and grace. The super conscious mind is where the living waters of truth are found. It is where your reservoir of life force is located.
When you learn to draw from the deep well of your mind enthusiastically and deliberately, you will increase and multiply your innate resources until your entire being is saturated with unbounded success and joy. You will quickly realize what a hopeless task your conscious mind engages in each time you try to manage your affairs without accessing your all-knowing super conscious mind.
You will soon be delighted to practice this method each and every day.
If you are stuck in old patterns of thinking and believe that what others have taught you is the only source of truth, then your mind lies dormant and your inner gold is unavailable to you.
When you are open to exploring the deeper truths of your super conscious mind then you will find within yourself all the power, wisdom, and understanding of the universe.
The soul center of your mind has never been influenced by either your conscious or subconscious mind. It has never known a negative belief, word, or action. It is the living part of your divine inheritance.
When you tap into your super conscious mind, every part of your world will change quickly and bring you unending success and joy.
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I wish you all the best as you change your mind and change your life!