“Facing your fears and moving forward in spite of the perceived dangers to oneself generates courage beyond measure.” Ken D. Foster
Fear is the greatest leveler of happiness. It zaps your energy, causes you to lose perspective and focus. It also stops the flow of brilliance and it attacks its victims like a venomous snake annihilating your dreams.

There is an acronym for fear; “Face Everything And Recover”. But if you don’t acknowledge your fears and live in denial of them, then you are doomed to repeat your fears over and over again. Why? Because you can’t change what you cannot acknowledge. Imagine one fear you have, now imagine you are eighty years old and you still have that fear, only it has become stronger and more entrenched in your thinking. How will that be for you and those you love?

There is an antidote for fear. It’s simple to administer and goes down easy if you don’t resist it. What is it? It is Courage. It is the courage to look into your fears and see what is driving them. What lies just behind the fear is the cause of your distress. Maybe it is the fear of not being enough, or not being loved, or not being fulfilled, or not having what you need, or losing what you have. Whatever it is, when you know what is driving the fear you can transcend it.

Today ask; “What is my greatest fear?” and “How can I be more courageous to help transcend my greatest fears?” and “When I am being fearless, what is possible for me?” Once you have answered these questions, set your intention and do what it takes to get rid of all your fears permanently!

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