Concentration is the key to any successful business or life. Most people think of setting goals and accomplishing them as a task oriented exercise. In fact most people don’t like to set goals, because it sets them up for actions they may or may not want to take, and if they don’t accomplish the goals they feel like a failure.
It doesn’t have to be this way! Think of goal setting this way. Setting up your life for success is actually fun. Goals are only intentions to expand or improve your situation. Aren’t you excited to carve out an amazing life? Wouldn’t you like to succeed beyond your greatest expectations? Sure you would, and goals will help you get there.
Today recommit to setting targets that will take everything you have to accomplish. Go ahead make a list of five goals that will change the course of your life. Now see nothing and look at nothing but your goals shining before you.
And remember whatever obstacles come between you and your goals are only there to strengthen you. It isn’t what happens to you that matters, it is who you become that will determine your success. So ask; “Who will you become when you accomplish your greatest goals?