Over the years working with thousands of business owners and coaching clients, I have found that those who are most successful apply certain principals time and time again. In fact, there is a formula that when used, will help anyone achieve quantum breakthroughs in any area of business or life. Sound like a large claim? It is, because it works!
So if you are in a place where you are ready to step into your Greatness, then follow the formula exactly. First is to dream big. Create a vision where many others can participate with you. If the dream is too small you will end up doing what most unsuccessful people do and that is you will doing it alone. Second is to turn your dreams into goals. Establish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Without goals most dreams will remain dreams. Third is to know what is really important to you about accomplishing your goals. Without a strong purpose for accomplishing your goals you will be stopped when the going gets tough and it will get tough. Fourth is to decide what you are willing to give or give up to accomplish your dream. Fifth is to visualize the obstacles that may get in your way. This is the step most miss, and science has shown if you miss this step, your chances of succeeding drop significantly. Sixth is to design the plan to fulfill your dreams. Don’t fret over how you will get to your dream only take daily action toward your vision. Commitment is of paramount importance here! When you take daily action toward your dreams your dreams will take daily action toward you.
Now these actions alone will not accomplish what you desire. There are a few more pieces to talk about. You must find a mentorwho has traveled the road before you. Maybe a business coach or mentor! This person will be your guide and knows what lies ahead. Also, your mentor if you pick the right one, will help you see things you cannot see, give you knowledge, and most important help you do things that seem impossible to you right now. Next you must have a networkof like minded individuals or master mind group to share your visionand support you in accomplishing what you have set in motion. And finally you must release it to Spirit, for everything comes from this one source and this is the true source of your power. Without a daily connection to the infinite struggle will be the common theme of your life.
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