“Courage supersedes all values, for without it, you can never live what you value in life.” Ken D. Foster

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t making a bigger difference in the world, or why you are not making more money, or why you don’t have the peace of mind you are longing for?

Well, you can answer these questions when you take time to get to know yourself – who you are at your core. I have found this is a powerful journey to take because everything you learn about yourself in mind, body and soul will take you towards living a life of excellence. It is a path that comes from the spark of the divine within.

Excellence does not mean you won’t make a mistake. It means we look at our mistakes from a dispassionate point of view and learn from them. It means we take time to see what areas we can improve in and then take daily actions towards bettering ourselves. It means we don’t just move on from our mistakes but learn and avoid the mistakes in the future.

Excellence is a product of introspection and constantly striving for self-improvement and personal development. It comes to those progressive people who use every opportunity to reach the forefront of their personal and professional lives. It doesn’t come at the expense of others, by making yourself look good by chopping off the head of another.  I t comes by knowing yourself and striving to do better every day.

Today ask: “Who am I at the core of my being?” and “What is the purpose of this lifetime?” and “Where can I improve and become better?”