“Courageous are those who are not afraid to look past the material forms in their lives, and connect to the formless infinite possibilities.” Ken D. Foster

2015-05-13 020There is a guiding voice of truth within every person. This truth is unshakable and connects us to our very essence of self as the soul. When we tap into this conscious voice, we are connected to wisdom that naturally guides our success.

The type of success I am talking about here is unending, bountiful success. This success is determined not so much by what is happening on the outside, but by every poor habit that is overcome, and every good habit that is formed through consistent effort on the inside.
Why would an infinite being have habits that dis-empower them? It makes no sense, unless the infinite being was stuck in a story of “how things are” and has limited its choices. Things are how you have defined them, whether you are aware of this or not. If you define life as hard, it is hard for you. If you define life as a struggle, it will be for you. The more you can let go of the tribal beliefs you have come to admire, and start connecting with your infinite spirit, the more you will realize your inner nature, be happier, and much more successful.

Today ask:

  • “What poor habit will I overcome with commitment, ease and grace?”
  • “What fun and joyful habit will I replace my poor habit with?”
  • “What are four new choices I can make today that will impact my life in a positive way?”