Right choice is a function of living from awareness, so too, it is the key to a life well lived. How can you actually make proper choices if you don’t really know what is running your mind? You may ask; “what am I not aware of that if I were would immeasurably increase my success?”
Questions like these help you tap into the infinite or superconscious mind of all possibility and move you past your limited thinking. To increase your awareness of success and tap into your immeasurable knowing of what to do next, ask questions and keep asking until you get the answers’ that are right for you.
Today I encourage you to answer the questions; “If I were to accept all aspects of success and apply it in my life, how will my life be different now?” and “If I were to embrace all aspects of life that support my success what would I like to be doing today? You are the creator of all your successes and failures, so start being aware of how much more success you can have if you are aware of each choice you are making.