Today is an amazing day to not only take care of your welfare, but to find others and give them some of your wisdom, love and money. As you probably realize, what you give unconditionally to others seems to come back to you in untold plentiful ways.
There is nothing in this universe that goes unnoticed. In fact you can break the blueprint of failure if you consistently give away what your gifts, talents and abilities. Why, because through the laws of karma (cause and effect) you are constantly reaping your rewards.   
Today create some space to increase your commitment of being in service to others and ask; “What can I do that will help others improve their life?” And “What is possible for my family and friends if I contribute to their lives my gifs, talents and skills?”  

The reason to ask these questions is that it will expand your awareness and give you new possibilities of what can happen when you contribute to others. The next question to ask is: “Do you believe that giving to others is actually giving to yourself?” If there are any doubts make a list of them and then make a conscious choice that you will not be limited by these thoughts. This can happen for you if you will make the effort!