We have all heard that you must be persistent to achieve your goals, but where does persistence come from? It is a soulful quality that is developed over time by overcoming beliefs and habits that seem to block success. I say seem, because every obstacle to success can be overcome if you view the obstacles as a way to build strength or evolve yourself.
But where does this power to overcome derive from? It flows from the infinite source of wisdom and energy that is available to all who ask powerful questions and have set up daily priorities for achieving their goals. You are an infinite being who has chosen your course of action and you will ultimately succeed. Remembering this and continuing firmly in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition is the key to success. This is what being persistent is about!
Today take some time to ask; “Why is it important for me to accomplish my goals?” “What is possible for me today?” “What are the three most important things I can do to accomplish my goals today?” Then persist with until you succeed!