Personal Success

Sona “We were privileged to have Ken Foster as our first guest speaker on the Masters of Masterminding TeleSeries.  Ken demonstrated why his engaging and forthcoming style makes him a hit with audiences everywhere.  Sharing life experiences and personal stories, Ken established a connection with our participants over the phone lines and on the web with a candor and warmth that I would not have imagined possible in a technology environment.  Ken’s conviction about overcoming life’s challenges is infectious and he added a level of professionalism to our series that was truly inspirational and appreciated.”

Sona van der Hoop
Co-founder The Center for Collaborative Mentorship


debbie“It was a pleasure to include Ken D Foster as an expert speaker in my Success Mindset Strategies Global Telesummit.  Ken shared a wealth of information which moved my audiences. He brought wisdom, strategies and energy that was a perfect match for our audience and made a big contribution to the overall success of the Program! Ken would be a powerful and dynamic addition to any program!”

Debbie Bermont
Outrageous Business Success Founder


jeanswan“Ken Foster is a gifted speaker and a pleasure to work with. His natural eloquence and the profound concepts he shares are the perfect blend to inspire an audience. In his warm and friendly manner, he is able to translate his message so that any type of audience can more easily understand how to improve their lives. He provides the perfect formula of personal experience, spiritual concepts and easy-to-implement action steps that can help make positive change easier. Ken delivers a lot of valuable content in a short period of time. I would highly recommend Ken for any speaking engagement!”

Jean Swann
The Wisdom Show, Founder