“The courage to be brilliant, talented, and successful wasn’t given to the top five percent of wage earners, it was given to everyone who chooses to delve into the unknown parts of themselves and share their gifts talents and abilities with the world.” Ken D Foster

Within each of us is an unstoppable spirit waiting to unleash its majesty into the world. But most people either don’t know it exists or won’t do what it takes to experience a life filled with unending success.

What do you think has been holding you back? Wouldn’t you like today to be an amazing day? Wouldn’t you like to live a created existence where you can schedule your activities and make them yield whatever you want? It will happen if you believe in yourself. Fill your mind with success thoughts each and every day. Do not let doubt or uncertainty keep you from fulfilling your dreams.

Today ask; “What will it take for me to tap into my unlimited potential and create the life of my dreams?” and “How can my life get better and better each and every day?” and “How can I be empowered daily to generate my greatest dreams?” Remember to keep your mind focused on your dreams and only allow positive thoughts to permeate your thinking.