Have you ever studied children and watched how they are full of life and joy? Why is it that adults tend to be full of worries, stress and unhappiness? The truth is simple; they have lost their connection to their spirit.

Life brings many challenges to everyone, but those challenges are not there to crush us, they are there to help us connect deeply to the unending source of power that lies within our spirit. Think of your spirit as a child. Were you peaceful, enthusiastic, willing, and playful? Sure you were! Maybe not at every moment, but you had times when you were fully present to your spirit.

It is simple to get back to your spirit. First, let go of judging yourself and making yourself wrong in any way. Then bring in unconditional love for yourself and those who are dear to you. Hold those thoughts of love in your heart and allow them to expand. Then call to your spirit. Tell your spirit to come home and become embodied with you right here and now. Use your will and power to call out right now! Get up out of your chair and make a soul call to your spirit! Let your spirit know that you are ready to realize your connection to each other. Let you spirit know that you are open to receive all the good and whatever challenges come as long as you are together.

Today ask; “How can I realize my connection to spirit each and every moment?” and “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself today?” and “How can I bring in more love in all areas of my life?”