“You get from this life what you have the courage to ask for.” Oprah Winfrey

Have you thought about what it means to live a great life? A life filled with contribution and service, where you have brought the magnificence of you into everything you do and have left a legacy for others to follow?

Greatness is a quality that springs forth from the soul. It requires truth and courage. I know of no one that was born great. The great saints, sages, kings, queens, and great industrialists all had challenges which stepped them into greatness. It is not your circumstances that define you; it is what you do with your circumstances that will define you. There is no one on the planet that is considered great, unless they have gone through great challenges which forged their greatness to come forth.

Greatness is attainable to you. It can be developed over time by the daily thoughts you think and actions you take. Greatness is linked to the mind that is calm and can make wise choices. To live a great life therefore, you must be the master of your mind, because whenever your mind is agitated, you will not be making the highest or best choices. A disturbed mind never solves anything – anything! In fact, it prevents you from solving problems, because it disconnects you with your inner wisdom.

Today ask; “What can I do today to which will help me calm my mind and make wise choices?” and “What challenges am I facing that is forging greatness in me?” and “What great dreams do I have that when accomplished, will bring froth my greatness into the world?”