Procrastination is a symptom of a soul that is unwilling to value what it has. With this type of thinking and behaviors comes a lack of caring, laziness and chaos. Although you may be very busy doing things, it doesn’t mean that you are doing things that will expand your spirit and grow your success!
If you are putting off doing what needs to be done, you are probably distracting yourself with less important things. Most procrastinators believe that they will get things done tomorrow, but unfortunately without targets to shoot for and a strong commitment to change, tomorrow never comes. There always seems to be something in the way! But who is creating the something in the way? The procrastinator is!
The good news for procrastinators and everyone else is; “You are not your thoughts or behaviors”. You are a powerful spirit that can create change when you put your awareness to the test.  
Today affirm; “I am taking immediate actions to take back control of my life.” and “I am God’s child and I have inherited the power to move the mountains of procrastination out of my life.” Then ask; “How can I be the white tornado of accomplishment that I am?” and “What energies and willing to be which will blow procrastination out of my life?” and “Truth, am I willing to delete, destroy and remove all distractions from my life that stops my success?”
Decide on what targets you will hit today and take immediate actions. I encourage you to do the “worst first” in other words, start with your most challenging targets and then do the easier ones! As you do, life will get better and better!   Let go of procrastination now at