“I have been a millionaire twice and a billionaire once. I have worked with the top business, political and spiritual leaders in our nation and I have found working with Ken Foster to be an extraordinary experience. He is the Coaches Coach. Not many people could have supported me the way Ken has. He helped me to expand my vision, get clear with my direction, and showed me the way to have more wealth, happiness and success in my life.” If you are looking for a Super Coach I highly recommend Ken.”
Bill Bartmann, The Billionaire Business Coach


1-parker“Ken is a crucial part of the success I have generated over the past 12 months. His coaching has impacted my life in several areas where I was feeling stuck. During our sessions, Ken gave me the tools and strategies to take my life and business to the next level. I have new vision, new purpose, and new direction in my business. My partnerships are better, my revenues have doubled and my personal life is the best it has ever been; no question this is my “Greatest Year Ever. If you are looking for a business mentor and coach, I highly recommend Ken.”
Mark Packer, MD, FACS
Clinical Associate Professor
Oregon Health & Science University
web: www.finemd.com
blog: www.finemd.com/theexpertview/


3-Lapin“I came to Ken Foster with a best selling book, but a post-launch strategy that was floundering. I knew I had many of the pieces for increasing visibilty, reach of message and profitability, but they were misfiring. With Ken, I was able to clearly define the tactics, improve my copy writing abilities, focus my speech and presentation, and implement a series of strategies that enabled me to begin truly positioning myself as a leader and see revenue result from those efforts.”
Jackie Lapin, author of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World; founder of Manifestbooks.com Online Bookstore, and president of Conscious Media Relations


5-ari“Talk about results! One phone call to Ken immediately solved my problem. And it wasn’t just a small problem; it was how to dramatically increase the sales of my program to a live audience with tact and graciousness. Without even hesitating, Ken asked me the right questions to help him and I create the best solution and it worked – a 50% increase in sales the first time out. Thanks Ken.”
Ari Galper, Founder, Reverse Selling


“In three short months, Ken Foster supported me out of chaos in my business and personal life. Ken reopened my creativity, truly “fosters” my unstoppable attitude, and is a stand for me to play at the level the Universe wants me to play, all over my life. Ken brings expertise in all levels of business as well as illuminating the path to center. I highly recommend Ken Foster to anyone who is hungry for the next level of their greatness.”
Connie Holloway, CEO, Inspiration Journal Magazine


8-michelle-blood“I have been a professional coach, author and entrepreneur for years, and this year I myself decided to have coaching from Ken D. Foster and he was amazing. He gave me real ideas and contacts that totally helped boost my business even further. I highly recommend Ken or any of his coaching team to anyone who is serious about taking a Quantum Leap in their business and/or life.”
Michele Blood, Founder, MPowerTV.com and MusiVation Catalog


9-newman“Ken appeared at a significant point in my life. I was struggling with career choices and transition, and trying to figure out how to move my relationship forward. Ken’s well directed questions and compassion helped me to see how a few reoccurring issues from my past were triggering a series of irrational beliefs I had been holding on to about life, relationships and money. In working with Ken and focusing on my desired outcomes, my life has been one continuous opportunity of growth and opportunity. Today I am happily married, graduating from school with a Masters degree, and developing my own business where I can be of service to myself and others. Ken Foster was the catalyst!”
Mitch Newman, Entrepreneur


10-homeier“Ken asks questions which go beyond the current reach of my own thinking. That alone has made it possible to grow personally, professionally in ways that would not have been possible otherwise. If you are considering a personal or business coach, Ken Foster will blow the doors open to possibilities you cannot now imagine yourself doing. Just how big an answer do you want?”
William Homeier
Speaker Phoenix Ambassador for Robert G. Allen’s /Mark Victor Hansen’s Enlightened Millionaire Program


11-attwoodCreator of “Life’s Magic”
“Ken Foster and PremierCoaching.com have an incredible coaching program. I found Ken’s coaching to be perfect for me. His great ability to listen and ask the right questions at the right time allowed me to go deeply into myself for the answers. The PremierCoaching.com forms and materials that support the coaching are well designed and extremely helpful. Anyone who is ready to take a massive leap forward in their life will want to spend time coaching with Ken and PremierCoaching.com”
Chris Attwood, CEO, Millionaire Eagles Program


12-donna“The exponential momentum in my business is a direct result of coaching with Ken. I’m very grateful for the support and encouragement I have received and how my life has improved, (business, family, spiritual and physical) since working with this outstanding coach.”
Donna Weiser
National Vice President, Arbonne International


“Ken, I would like to thank you for your time and the help you gave me during our coaching sessions. Because of the powerful questions asked by you during our sessions, my life and career have soared to new heights. Our sessions were highly effective in changing my focus and state of mind. Your insight and knowledge of interpersonal relationships and how to expand possibilities was invaluable to me.”
Bob Simril, National Sales Manager, Anthony Robbins Companies


“Ken, you are a spiritual teacher with infinite wisdom, a source of my inspiration, my mentor, my cheerleader, my biggest fan, and a dear friend. As our coaching partnership continues to bloom, I am grateful for the difference we are making in each other’s lives and for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others through our work.”
David Henry President, In Box Art


13-donna-brightstar“Coaching with Ken helped me believe in myself and accomplish my business development goals in lightening speed. Ken mentored and coached me on how to develop a business plan of action that had me supporting myself doing work that I love in 3 months time. He believed in me and my vision until I could. As a result of our work together, I am a successful business woman and performance coach. I am supporting myself doing work that I love and I am confidently clear about who I am and what I have to offer. I have been liberated to live with integrity from my passion and purpose. There’s no going back! Thanks Ken.”
Deborah Brightstar, Business Owner, Coach


14-john“One of the most helpful things I got from Ken’s coaching was an entire new way of thinking which has totally revolutionized my business. Now instead of struggling to make it from month to month, I am building a foundation which will bring me lasting success, fulfillment and creative expression. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, I would highly recommend you start coaching with Ken.”
John Maguire
Director, Kinesiology Institute


“The Success Coaching experience has helped me identify the areas in my life where I find myself “Stuck”. I have discovered that to the degree I am willing to be open, honest and willing to apply the suggestions and strategies we agree to, I have achieved successful progress. Ken promotes a positive, accepting, and non-judgmental relationship in such an honest manner that I have felt at ease to discuss even intimate details of my life. Ken’s coaching is a refreshing experience. Thanks again, Ken, and God Bless.”
Bob Kalow, Business Owner


15-moira-shepard“Your kindness, insight and wisdom dazzle me. I feel very privileged to have a coach with your range of knowledge about leading a better life in every respect – work, love, service, spirit. The combination of practical business techniques and your gift for inspiration sends me out of every session feeling unstoppable. I now have a vision on a grand scale and I can’t wait to see what happens next!”
Moira Shepard, Business Owner


16-LuAnn“Coaching helped me to laser focus on my issues. Through the trust and friendship we established, I was able to see clearly what I need to go after. You helped me see the blocks standing in my way and get out of my own way. I know now I can really change my life and create everything my heart desires.”
LuAnn Budiselic, Director, Arbonne International


“I have never had any experience like this in my life. I had no idea that when you and I started coaching the dominos would fall so quickly. Thank you so much for your love and support. I couldn’t ask for a more powerful coach, and I thank God I have you in my life. You make the world a better, kinder, more beautiful place.”
Reina Tucker, Business Owner


17-kelley-rudolf“Coaching has helped me change my whole life. It has shown me how to look at what is important, what is working and not and make great choices to create a better, more fulfilling life. I have broken patterns that I have been in for years. Coaching has helped me learn what the impact of seemingly meaningless little habits can have on my life and how to change them.”

“Ken gives you all the tools you need to get where you are going (without telling you what to do). You get to figure it out for yourself and feel good about it. It was extremely valuable. I have a whole new mindset and I am now getting my life in order.”
Kelley Rudolf, President, Survive Inc.


18-julie-roy“The level of trust with my coach was so deep, that I was able to get to the big truth. I was able to see current reality clearly, and get more honest with myself. Ken saw me bigger than I saw myself and was able to guide me into being that bigger person and living that truth. As a result, I have greater peace, more confidence in dealing with influential people, and my relationships have improved dramatically with those closest to me. I highly recommend the coaching experience to anyone who wants to take their life to the next level.”
Julie Roy, Executive Director, Klemmer & Associates


19-sandra-tillinghast“Coaching with Ken Foster and PremierCoaching.com has been a great way for me and my business associates to gain closer focus and to see new possibilities in taking the business to a new level. I personally have renewed my sense of order, and I have learned to do more in less time while maintaining balance. Also, as a direct result of coaching I have created a mission statement that I feel fully describes what I and my business are all about, the result a new sense of purpose and vision.”
Sandra Tillinghast, National Vice President, Arbonne International


“Coaching helped me change some fundamental belief systems surrounding commitment and accountability. I found myself getting to the other side of issues that I had major challenges with in the past. In business I had issues communicating effectively. As a result of coaching my communications are clear and to the point. My employees now know what I want and expect. I highly recommend coaching to anyone who is motivated to grow.”
Ted Weiser, Business Executive


“My life is totally turned around in a positive manner. You are a gift of God.”
Teresa Barnes, Professional Life Coach


20-rudin-dds“Ken helped me understand that I have the resources within myself to go where I want in my life. Through his acceptance of me and constant encouragement, he catalyzed my forming and embracing positive new beliefs about myself. Ken’s compassionate approach to coaching was always evident. The fact that he made himself available for support outside of our sessions was a great comfort to me. My sessions with him could take any direction – from business building to emotional release. I invite everyone facing challenges in their lives, whether professional, physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual to seek support from this truly wise, intuitive, and caring man.”
Jon Rudin, Business Owner


21-eileen“Ken’s coaching helped me leverage my time, understand my priorities and stay focused on my goals. His coaching helped me attain my business goals and create and maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. I learned much and accomplished much more in my business than I would have without Ken’s coaching. I highly recommend him. He enabled me to pass through negative situations that were happening in my life and helped me look at the big picture and get clarity. Thank you Ken for all your coaching and support.”
Eileen Cohen, Royal Body Care


4-meltzer“Ken helped me redesign the direction of my business. I found him to be absolutely brilliant at helping me discern the right focus, image and vision for my business. Ken is to living rich and wealth building what Anthony Robbins is to motivation… He is one of the top business success coaches in world.”
Barnet Meltzer M.D., Author, The Ten Rules of High Performance Living



6-petitt“I have had many excellent coaches over the years, both as a former executive and a current entrepreneur and I can say with conviction, Ken Foster is in a class of his own. He has been completely committed to my success. Ken is a great thought partner, he challenges my thinking, he connects me with the resources that I need and most importantly, he has been there with me whenever I have had to go outside my comfort zone. When I want to experiment with new technology, he walks me through it. When I want to try a new marketing strategy or product launch, he is my practice partner and critiques my approach. Beyond a doubt, the best business decision I have made in launching a new business has been hiring Ken as my coach.”
Cindy Petitt, Business Owner


7-dresser“I have been a nationally syndicated talk show host and a communications trainer for almost 30 years. Like so many in today’s economy, I hit that “wall” or “blind spot” and couldn’t see beyond the barriers that were holding me back financially. After just two sessions with Ken Foster, he lead me very easily to see what was right there and I couldn’t see it! Within a few weeks, I was using the new tools and systems that Ken helped me see to substantially increase my income. He walks his talk, and the time you spend with him can only increase your ability to be more with what you already have.”
Michael Ray Dresser, Business Owner, Dresser After Dark Radio Show


22-brook“I can describe my experience with Ken coaching in one word – Empowerment. I began coaching with Ken when my coaching business was in the start-up phase, and I was overwhelmed and unsure of the steps to success. Ken coached me to stay committed to the vision for my life, to open to greater possibilities, and to create the action steps for success. My business is now flourishing and so am I. The real gift from coaching with Ken is that I am now more powerful in my own life. I have acquired success skills that will last a lifetime.  Thank you, Ken, for coaching me to a new level in my life and business.”
Brook Montagna
Personal & Professional Coach


23-vanessa-summers“Ken Foster is awesome. The opportunity to work with Ken as a mentor for my seminar business has been an extraordinary blessing. Ken has an expansive set of dynamic business skills that consistently model working smarter, not harder with BIG vision. Ken’s extensive knowledge of how to grow your business income, especially in the online world through leveraging your products and/or services to a global marketplace is well-worth every investment dollar you may ever make! If you have the opportunity to work with Ken, embrace this incredible gift and be open to receiving bucket loads of powerful tools, skills and habits with how you do business that will forever impact how you think about and do business moving forward.”
Vanessa Summers, Named ‘Financial Guru’ by CNBC, Financial/Business Consultant


24-paul-friedman“Ken is both a friend and business associate. I have had the benefit of having been coached by Ken and have always been impressed by his ability to get to the bottom line of where I am really at and what will work for me because of it. Ken is ethical and reliable. His professional and intuitive approach is as good as it gets. I highly recommend Ken  to anyone who has a need for a high horsepower business coach. You will not be disappointed.”
Paul Friedman, Business Owner


25-peter-shiao“My recommendation for Ken is unreserved and enthusiastic. Every one of my interactions with him has led to major breakthroughs, and not just in terms of insights, wisdom and support which were abundant – but actual opportunities. He is responsible for introducing me to a key collaborator whose project is among the most important my venture is pursuing, and in another instance, he provided me the technology that helped raise a much needed round of capital that catapulted my business upwards. He is a uniquely gifted teacher, guide, coach, and a great spiritual friend.”
Peter Shiao, Founder & CEO, Orb Media Group