The Art of Living Wealthy

As a business strategist for over 3 decades, I know the money problems people have…


Money can be a blessing that turns your dreams into reality or a burden that you’re always carrying. One thing is for sure: you must become a money master, or it will master you.


I have seen thousands of clients who struggled with money issues, who turned their money misery into money magic. How? By learning and applying simple universal money principles.


It took me years to understand how to teach what I call “Quantum Wealth Building Strategies”. But now I have refined the teaching so that you can overcome your money challenges in a few classes.


What happens next? You start to consistently generate 6, and 7-figure incomes yearly!

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Why this is your chance to Revitalise your relationship with Money:

✅ You make money, but you don’t know how to scale it.

✅ You have ideas of what it takes to build wealth, but have no guidance.

✅ You try to push your limits to increase your income, but your strategies are not working.

✅ You are just burnt, overwhelmed, and seems like you will never have the amount of money you need to succeed.


Here’s what you will discover:

✅ The 7 Secrets to building lasting wealth

✅ How to be financially savvy in today’s world

✅ Time tested strategies to scale your business

✅ Never miss a financial opportunity again

✅ Become the creator of your own wealth legacy

And so much more…

Date: Saturday, May 20, 2023

Time: 8:30 AM Pacific to 10:00 AM Pacific

Place: Zoom Virtual Class

Success Stories to Inspire You…

The Energetic Clearing Technique really helped me. I didn’t know what to expect, but found the process to be easy to follow with amazing results. I don’t always want to see the dark sides of my past, but I realized I couldn’t change what I can’t acknowledge. The exercise took me several hours to complete, but it was well worth it.

The day after, it was like taking a dark pair of sunglasses off. Old patterns seemed to fade away, my thinking became clearer and I felt much more powerful. Since completing the program, my money issues have shifted in a positive direction and things are finally working themselves out financially, (whew!) Thank you Ken.

Alex Rennie
Business Owner

Talk about results! One phone call to Ken immediately solved my sales and money problems. And it wasn’t just a small problem; it was how to dramatically increase the sales of my program to a live audience with tact and graciousness. Without even hesitating, Ken asked me the right questions, helped me change my perceptions and find the best solution and it worked – a 50% increase in sales the first time out. This will mean tens of thousands of dollars for me over the next few months. If you are looking for an increase in sales and cash flow, contact Ken.

Ari Galper
Founder & CEO, Teacher of Reverse Selling™

Before I met Ken Foster, my dreams and finances were buried in dust. The deep sadness I felt for not living my life’s purpose was very heavy. When Ken began mentoring me, my dreams not only came alive, but EXPLODED into view! He helped me change my perceptions, open me up to receive, and awaken new visions that have fueled me to launch my new business: “12 Secrets to SAFE, HAPPY and CONFIDENT KIDS in the 21st Century. Ken is an amazing support, and if you ever want one of the best business men in the world in your corner, Ken is your man. I feel so blessed to have found him. He really has been the catalyst to step into my greatness. Thank you, Ken!

Lorraine Pursell
The Parent Mentor

My recommendation for Ken is unreserved and enthusiastic.

Every one of my interactions with him has led to major breakthroughs, and not just in terms of insights, wisdom and support which were abundant — but actual opportunities where lots of money came into my life. He is responsible for introducing me to a key collaborator whose project is among the most important Joint Venture I am pursuing, and in another instance, he provided me the technology that helped raise a much needed round of capital that catapulted my business upwards. He is a uniquely gifted teacher, guide, coach, and a great spiritual friend.

Peter Shiao
Founder & CEO, Orb Media Group

Ken D. Foster clearly understands the complexities of our business and has guided me with a heartfelt, no nonsense roadmap to find our own solutions, reach our goals and bring more health, vitality, money and joy back into my life.

We are quickly seeing the results of his coaching which has resulted in our revenues increasing 215% and new opportunities coming in daily. I am excited to know that we are on the right track and you will too if you work with Ken.

Helice “Sparky” Bridges

Ken has not only showed ways to support my business building with concrete actions, he has helped me discharge the deeply hidden limiting beliefs that kept me from creating my dreams. I can honestly say that my life has transformed into a life filled with joy, self-confidence, greatly improved time management abilities and greater abundance. If you are looking to turn your life in a new direction and create health, happiness and more money then you will benefit from working with Ken – his business skills are diverse plus his empathic skills enables him to know exactly what is going on within you so he can make the next suggestion or ask the right question so that the doors of success are opened – amazing experience!

Gitte Hegelund
CEO at Workpartners Ltd.