Would You Like to Feel Happy, Energized and Empowered?

Imagine What it Would Feel Like to Have a Sense of Inner Peace and Freedom?

NuroScience Has Now Shown That You Can Retrain Your Brain, Control Your Thoughts, Master Your Emotions And Live A Peaceful, Happy And Highly Productive Life.

Do you ever feel like…?

  • Things are a little off
  • You keep putting your dreams on hold
  • You can’t seem to get ahead, no matter how hard you work
  • Your income stays the same or declines
  • You are stuck in a rut
  • You are on the edge of burn out
  • You lack motivation, energy, and enthusiasm for life

Would you like all that to change?
If so, keep reading!
Don’t worry, there’s hope.

It is time to fire up your life!

Clear Your

Awaken Your

Ignite Your


It will:

  • A. Reduce and Eliminate Stress.
  • B. Heighten Your Focus..
  • C. Increase Your Energy.
  • D. Release Subconscious Blocks..
  • E. Improve Happiness and Performance within two weeks.


The Release Process:

This Powerful Release Technique has been used in Ken D Foster’s Private Practice for 21 Years with Spectacular Results.

The Energetic Clearing Technique™ will.
  • A. Take you through a life review of your subconscious mind.
  • B. Empower you to acknowledge and permanently let go of past negative experiences.
  • C. Show you how to release undesirable emotions instantly.
  • D. Open doors to personal power that has been locked away.
  • E. Uncover your brilliance and allow the real “You” to shine through.

All you have to do is muster up the Courage to say Yes to having a more empowered life. Then, simply block out some time to allow the Energetic Clearing Technique™ to work for you.

The Renew Process:

Provides a simple time-tested formula to redesign the key areas of your life.

With the Energetic Renewal Process™ will:
  • A. Activate your “Brilliance Blueprint” to reconnect to your greatest dreams.
  • B. Increase Your Energy and Productivity.
  • C. Gain Clarity, Focus and Personal Power.
  • D. Realign with your highest values and purpose.
  • E.Consistently make the best choices to generate ongoing success.

The Evolve Process:

Through the Life Enhancing Energetic Renewal Process ™ you will:.

With the Energetic Renewal Process™ will:
  • A. Compel a bright, successful future.
  • B. Fully Embrace Your Courageous Self.
  • C. Free Your Will Power to Generate What You Choose.
  • D. Rid Yourself of Limiting Consciousness.


How do you know this is right for you?

This program is designed exclusively for those experiencing any of the following:
  1. Your income is stagnant or declining.
  2. You often feel frustrated and powerless.
  3. You make choices you later regret.
  4. You keep putting your dreams on hold.
  5. You feel less than or even superior to others.
  6. You lack energy or enthusiasm.
  7. You pretend everything is okay, even when it really isn’t.
  8. You lost your child-like joy and excitement for your business or life.
  9. You lack focus and a sense of direction for your life.
  10. Your energy is good one day then gone the next.

What’s included with this program?

The Release Program with the Energetic Clearing Technique TM

The Release Program

  • Discover the Beliefs that are Holding You Back
  • Free Yourself From Habitual Negative Thinking
  • Release Guilt, Shame, and Remorse Permanently
  • Completly Forgive Yourself and Others
  • Have Ongoing Harmony and Peace
  • See the Unseeable

The Renew Program

  • Setup Your Life for Greatness
  • Define What is Most Important
  • Get Clear with You Purpose for Achievements
  • Setup Strong Intentions to Succeed
  • Increase Your Resolve to Accomplish Your Dreams
  • Know the Unknowable

The Evolve Program

  • Ken D Foster Science of Meditation Guide to Expand Your Mind and Potential.
  • (8) Guided Meditations from Ken D Foster to Calm Your Mind and Enliven Your Spirit.
  • The High-Frequency Broadcast Technique to Generate Your Dreams
    With this Program You will Awaken Your Soul, Evolve Your Consciousness and
    Do the Impossible.


Five Audio Recordings to Guide You Through the Release Process
  • How to Solve All Your Problems
  • Finding Peace in a Chaotic World
  • How to Release Negative Emotions Permanently
  •  The Secrets to Renewing Your Life
  • Leaving a Legacy with Impact

Benefits you can expect

Previous participants of this program report experiencing the following:
  • Mental and emotional blocks to success disappeared.
  • Gained clarity and focus about their values.
  • Renewed sense of direction in life.
  • Made better, healthier choices.
  • Increased energy.
  • More productive.
  • Quickly Forgive Yourself and Others.
  • Let Go of Past Mistakes and Embrace a Bright Future.
  • Experienced sustainable peace, happiness, and lasting fulfillment.

This Special Offer Includes:


  • The Energetic Clearing Technique™ Book (The Release Process).
  • The Release, Renew, Evolve Workbook.
  • Bonus Audios to help you see the unseeable, know the unknowable and do the impossible.
  • Wisdom-Packed Audios to guide you step-by-step through the program.
  • Private Face Book Group with Ken D Foster and his Powerful Community.

So What are you Waiting For?


Tomorrow will be just like today, unless you take action today.

If you are ready for big changes in your life, this program is an affordable and empowering way to complete this year in peace and start 2019 empowered and ready to go for it!

   Why work with Ken D Foster?


For an amazing 21 years, Ken D Foster has helped entrepreneurs and business owners discover new trails, expand their spirit, dream new dreams, increase courage, develop self mastery, and bring harmony and increased profitability to their organizations. He is a Master Business Strategist and Coach Best-selling Author, International Speaker, and Intuitive Mentor. Ken is one of the country’s leading figures in the science
business and consciousness.

Over the decades Ken has worked with thousands of clients who have increased their awareness, changed viewpoints and have transcended their limitations becoming exponentially more profitable in their businesses, and more fulfilled in their lives.

Ken is highly proficient at guiding CEO’s, Executives and Entrepreneurs to find the deep answers to their greatest challenges in business and life. He will help you and your organization see the Unseeable, know the unknowable and do the seemingly impossible.