Release, Renew, Evolve Program by Ken D Foster

The Courage to Change Everything


Most live without scientifically trying to expand their potential. As a result, their life is uncertain, chaotic, and uncontrolled. But you can expand your consciousness, increase your potential and harness the unlimited power of your courage to generate success uncommon to most. [More Info]

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The Courage to Change Everything Teachings

The Courage to Change Everything Teachings


No matter what your level of achievement, if you want to take your business and life to the next level, Ken D Foster’s Teachings will empower you to change your destiny.

He will be sharing realized wisdom experienced over decades and teach you the time-tested wealth strategies, and spiritual principles which will redefine what is possible for you.

In fact, with these teachings you will be able to tune into and attain a natural state of success.


Release, Renew, Evolve Program by Ken D Foster

How to Be a Powerful, Authentic Speaker – Audio Set

If you would like to feel comfortable on stage and let go of your fears of public speaking — consider this program. It will change everything!

Are You Ready To:

  • Feel more powerful when speaking to audiences?
  • Increase your authenticity and audience engagement?
  • Unleash your wisdom and passion effortlessly on stage?
  • Speak without PowerPoints or notes?

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Release, Renew, Evolve Program by Ken D Foster

Release–Renew–Evolve Workbook and Audio Set


  • Reduce and Eliminate Stress
  • Help You Gain Clarity and Focus
  • Increase Your Energy
  • Give You Lasting Peace
  • Support Complete Forgiveness of Yourself and Others
  • Guaranteed to improve your attitude and performance in 2 weeks or less

“Ken Foster’s book The Energetic Clearing Technique is really well named. I have gained clarity of what has been holding me back and was able to release these limitations quickly. The prayers section has given me a feeling of renewal, hope and clarity of direction. I highly recommend this book if you want more clarity, focus and peace in your life.” Rico Caveglia – Entrepreneur

The Energetic Clearing Technique really helped me. I didn’t know what to expect, but found the process to be easy to follow with amazing results. I don’t always want to see the dark sides of my past, but I realized I couldn’t change what I can’t acknowledge. The exercise took me several hours to complete, but it was well worth it. The day after, it was like taking a dark pair of sunglass off. Old patterns seemed to fade away, my thinking became clearer and I felt much more powerful. A month or so after completing the program my money issues are solved. Thank You Ken!” Alex Rennie – Business Owner

“The exercise was intense and worth the time it took to complete. After completing the exercise, I had a sense of clarity for my present and future goals. I was experiencing my present situations in a new light with a heightened ability to focus on the positive side of situations and events. I was also overcome with a renewed perspective for my daily life which I know will add long term benefits to my personal and professional growth.” Ashley Nichols – Muey Thai Professional

The Greatest Year Ever Program by Ken D Foster

Soul n Money – Workbook and 8 Audios

The Soul n Money™ is proprietary and you will not find the methods that are taught or the remarkable results you will get in any other programs.

Why, because the heart of the program will teach you how to have your own, unique relationship with money by connecting you soulfully to your particular money path.

And you won’t be using logic to make money like you did in the past, but you will be taping into your brilliance and unlimited resources that were never an option to you before.

Joint Ventures Program by Ken D Foster

Joint Ventures to Wealth

What do you think high level entrepreneurs, such as sales champion Tom Hopkins, billionaire entrepreneur Bill Bartmann, marketing legend Jay Abraham, business strategist Steven Covey, famed business moguls Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, (and many, many others) all have in common?

The Greatest Year Ever Program by Ken D Foster

Greatest Year Ever –
Workbook and 6 Audios

Greatest Year Ever is an action-focused success system developed over 15 years. The home study program contains a 160 page workbook and 6 full audio downloads that will be your guiding force throughout the next 90 days.

If you don’t feel 100% satisfied with the life you are leading, it is because of blindspots in your life where you are actually sabotaging your own best interests and highest worth.

You are actually PREVENTING yourself from achieving your own success in all aspects of your life. You don’t know it because you can’t see the pattern you are stuck in. Here are the warning signs of your self-sabotage:…

Energetic Clearing Technique by Ken D Foster

Energetic Clearing Technique™

Energetic Clearing Technique™ clears the way for changes you make by choice. It is truly an empowering experience.

Old stubborn habits that you have tried to change in the past just slip away without effort or struggle. It happens naturally, because as you release the illusions and delusions that have kept you from connecting with your true self. Then you feel empowered.

In fact, you feel so empowered that you may have difficulty accepting that the change has actually happened. Then one day you’ll look back and realize that the day you completed the Energetic Clearing Technique™ was the day your destiny changed forever.

Energetic Clearing Technique by Ken D Foster

Ask and You Will Succeed


If you have been asking the wrong questions and getting nowhere, take a new look at what you can accomplish by asking the right questions…

Fulfill your deepest dreams
Unlock your creativity
Manifest unending success
Create wealth in all areas of life

Ask and You Will Succeed by Ken D Foster

Ask and You Will Succeed Journal

When Was The Last Time a Book Truly Changed Your Life? And Not Just Temporarily, but Permanently?

You are just minutes from starting a life-changing journey to success that will show you how you can live the life others only dream about. Your transformation starts now…

You can increase your joy, invite prosperity and experience highly effective personal growth—and you can do it now, by asking yourself just a few simple questions? I’ll show you how unlock your key to transformation by using an amazingly simple strategy…

The Time Factor by Ken D Foster and Nancy Fredericks

The Time Factor: 24 Powerful Tips to Gain More Time in Your Day

Business experts Nancy Fredericks and Ken D Foster bring their combined 50-year experience to this #1 concern.

The 24 dynamic secrets revealed in this book will shift the way you use The Time Factors in your life permanently.

You have the power to reach beyond your limitations, break free from the time wasters that are leaving you overstressed, overwhelmed and under-satisfied. In their place, The Time Factor will instill the abilities to accomplish your greatest dreams by skillfully collapsing time, so it works for you—not against you!

Once you read it you will have:

  • More Time on Your Calendar
  • Improved Productivity
  • Freedom from Time Stressors
  • Greater Control Over Your Day
  • Increased Energy and Clarity of Direction
  • Heightened Levels of Peace, Joy and Satisfaction

PLUS you’ll receive a free transcript of an empowering conversation between the authors Nancy Fredericks and Ken D Foster who take a deeper dive into this all-important topic.

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