You’ve heard “the money is in the list”, right?

It’s true… But what if you don’t have a list?

I have your answer, but first, let me ask you this…

What do you think high level entrepreneurs, such as sales champion Tom Hopkins, billionaire entrepreneur Bill Bartmann, marketing legend Jay Abraham, business strategist Steven Covey, famed business moguls Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, (and many, many others) all have in common?

They would be the first to tell you…
“Don’t try to do business all by yourself”
And that’s exactly what I’m telling you now!

The next best thing to having a big list is to craft successful win-win-win joint ventures with those that do! But what do you have to offer in return? In other words, what’s in it for them?

You already have something to offer!
And that’s exactly what you will learn…

Here’s what I put together just for you —

All in all, here’s what you’re going to discover…

  • How to create JVs with no marketing or ad budget (for 100% profit)
  • Reveal the 3 biggest mistakes people make in approaching JVs ((to avoid failure)
  • Help you identify new joint venture partners (to accelerate your business)
  • What to say in email scripts, letters, and phone calls (to ensure your success)
  • How to put together JV webinars and teleseminars (for higher-impact marketing)
  • How to get JV endorsements of your products or services ((for greater credibility)
  • How to have JV partners build your list for you (for effortless marketing)
  • How to develop a “win-win-win” strategy for you, your partner, AND your customers)
  • How to “romance” long term JV relationships (for long term profit)

So… how much will all this cost?

That’s the best part because this part of the program alone has a real world value of over $1,450. But that’s no where near what you’re going to pay! But it doesn’t stop there…

I’m throwing in some more goodies that will help you even more. And these aren’t bonuses simply to sweeten the pot! These are so valuable, I’m only offering these on a VERY LIMITED BASIS Here’s what I’m talking about…

If you ACT FAST Now
We’re talking a total REAL value of $3,350!

Get The Joint Venture To Wealth
Package Today – For Only $69

You’ll thank me for it — GUARANTEED — or your money back!

“Talk about results!…

Ken immediately solved my problem. And it wasn’t just a small problem; it was how to dramatically increase the sales of my program … and it worked – a 50% increase in sales the first time out.
Thanks, Ken.

Ari Galper
Reverse Selling

“Everyone Wins…

Before working with Ken Foster, I knew creating joint ventures made sense but was unsure of how to go about it. I made calls and sent letters to people I thought would be good partners but nobody called me back.

After going through Ken’s JV to Wealth Program and having a brief 1-1 call, I realized why I was not getting any response. So I re-approached the same people and others, but in a more effective way.

After one week of implementing Ken’s suggestions, I have five companies either participating in upcoming events or promoting them on my behalf. Not only are the results better, I feel more relaxed and confident in the process. Everyone wins when you follow Ken’s approach. I now see how I can take my business dream and turn it into reality!

Terri Beatty
Trainer & Coach

“Major Breakthroughs…

My recommendation for Ken is unreserved and enthusiastic. Every one of my interactions with him has led to major breakthroughs, and not just in terms of insights, wisdom and support which were abundant — but actual opportunities.

He is responsible for introducing me to a key collaborator whose project is among the most important Joint Venture I am pursuing, and in another instance, he provided me the technology that helped raise a much needed round of capital that catapulted my business upwards.

Ken is a uniquely gifted teacher, guide, coach, and a great spiritual friend.

Peter Shiao
Founder & CEO
Orb Media Group

“Ken’s Secret Weapon…

Ken Foster was a fantastic help with my book launch for When God Spoke to Me, which went to #4 on Barnes & and #18 over all on the day it launched. It also hit number #1 in two categories on One of Ken’s most important secret weapons is his Rolodex. Ken knows a lot of people, I mean a lot! He has developed relationships with countless best-selling authors and people with huge mailing lists. It was his willingness to reach out to these contacts personally that really made a big difference in my campaign.

Ken also has a tremendous amount of integrity and follow-through. He was upfront and honest about what he would do for my campaign, and he followed through with everything we agreed upon.

Plain and simple, Ken is just a good guy to work with. He’s calm, practical, insightful, and has a wealth of experience to offer. I’m grateful to know him and now consider him a friend. For all of these reasons, it’s no wonder he has developed so many Joint Venture Relationships in the industry and has created the success that he has.

Business Owner & Author of
When God Spoke to Me

“Ken is your man…

Before I met Ken Foster, my dreams were buried in dust. The deep sadness I felt for not living my life’s purpose was very heavy. When Ken and I began mentoring together, my dreams not only came alive, but EXPLODED into view! The visions he helped me find have fueled me to launch my new business: 12 Secrets to SAFE, HAPPY and CONFIDENT KIDS in the 21st Century!

Ken is an amazing support, and if you ever want one of the best business men in the world in your corner, Ken is your man. I feel so blessed to have found him. He really has been the catalyst to step into my greatness.

Thank you, Ken!

Lorraine Pursel
The Parent Mentor

“Hire Ken!

Within the two months of starting working with Ken and his programs, I not only made back my initial investment, but I received over three times the amount! What a great return on my investment in myself!

If you are looking for the coaches coach, then you have come to the right place.

Hire Ken!

Michelle Stimpson
Business Coach

“Ken is to wealth building what Anthony Robbins is to motivation…

Ken helped me redesign the direction of my business. I found him to be absolutely brilliant at helping me discern the right vision, marketing strategies and focus for ongoing success. Ken is to living rich and wealth building what Anthony Robbins is to motivation… He is one of the top business success coaches in the world.”

Barnet Meltzer M.D.
Author, “The Ten Rules of High Performance Living”

“Ken is awesome!

Ken Foster is an amazing coach and business strategist. Over the years he has helped me shift in many different areas of my life. In fact, in one phone call Ken helped me completely transition my business vision so I could actually devote full time to my deepest passion and create a sustainable profit model. He is awesome!

Cynthia Kersey
Business Owner,
Founder of the Unstoppable Foundation