Have the Courage To Change One Thing, and You Will See Everything Change!

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The courage to change everything book by Ken D Foster


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What You Will Learn:

Most people live without scientifically trying to expand their potential. As a result, their life is uncertain, chaotic, and uncontrolled. This book will expand your consciousness, increase your potential, and harness the unlimited power of your courage to generate success uncommon to most.

You Will Discover How To:

✅ Expand What is Possible
✅ Increase Your Courage
✅ Overcome Failure Thinking
✅ Achieve an Extraordinary Life

$35.00 $14.95

About Author:

Ken D. Foster has over 35 years of development in personal and business development. He’s a best-selling author, visionary business strategist, and syndicated radio host of the Voices of Courage show. Ken has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs to succeed in their business and personal life.

Ken’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to realize their highest potential by helping them see the unseeable, know the unknowable, and do the impossible.

Ken D Foster

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“Ken D Foster’s book bridges the gap between fear and fearless living. He shows you how to tap into your inner wisdom, increase courage, build on it, and bring it into every aspect of your business and life. He provides a roadmap for accelerating success by helping you tap into your deeper soulful self to find the courage to change what you thought was impossible to change.”

Bill Bartmann
Best-Selling Author
Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

“Ken Foster’s new book, The Courage to Change Everything, will take you on a journey of awareness, action, and change that will make you a better version of yourself. It’s for anyone that wants more wealth, happiness, and prosperity in their business and life. He will teach you how to achieve extraordinary feats by harnessing the power of courage. I recommend that you read his book and work your way through the many practical suggestions that he provides. You’ll see amazing changes in your life.”

David Riklan
Founder of SelfGrowth.com
Over 100 Million Visitors Since 1995

“The Courage to Change Everything is not just for business leaders and entrepreneurs, but for every individual who is choosing to grow their life. This book will help anyone stay highly motivated, live their dreams, and generate wealth in all areas of life. I encourage you to pick up this book and start living your potential.”

John Assaraf
NY Times best-selling author
Chairman & CEO NeuroGym

“What life wouldn’t be better by studying the daily courage reminders in Ken D Foster’s excellent new book The Courage to Change Everything? Courage is a quality we ALL need in today’s changing world, and Ken reminds you every day how to achieve it.”

Robert Allen
#1 New York Times best-selling author: Creating Wealth, Nothing Down, Multiple Streams of Income, The One Minute Millionaire