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Soul and Money - Ken D Foster
Failure consciousness starts in the mind. The subconscious mind that is generating poor results it either holding on to old emotional wounds, has been programmed with poor beliefs, or is working improperly because it is clogged up with too much toxic information.

The Soul n Money™ program works to unblock your subconscious mind and clear the pathways to your financial success. This is imperative because it’s the reason…

X stressed-womanYou keep putting your dreams on hold
X You can’t seem to get ahead, no matter how hard you work
X Your income floats up and down like a yoyo
X You are stuck in a rut
X You are consistently in overwhelm or burn out
X You lack motivation, energy, and enthusiasm

With this time-tested program you WILL learn how to:

  • ordernowStop Chasing Money and Actually Have It
  • Save with the Consciousness of Wealth
  • Clear All Life-Robbing Blocks to Having Money
  • Release Auto-Pilot Spending Imprinting
  • Delete Debt Permanently
  • Let Go of Dysfunctional Parental Money Blueprints
  • Increase Money Awareness
  • Generate Money Efficiently and Easily
  • Open to Receive Money in a Completely New Way
  • How to Get the Universe to Work for You

ECTIncluded in the Program is the Energetic Clearing Technique™

This powerful technique WILL detoxify your money issues. You will be able to quickly delete, release and discharge all money destroying points of view, issues, toxic thinking, negative programing, misbeliefs, misinformation poor choices and anything else that has been stopping you from generating and having money.

The Energetic Clearing Technique™ alone may save you decades of trying to figure out the cause and cure for your money issues. And it will only take a few hours, not decades. How amazing is that?


NOW is the perfect time to take steps to stop your money issues showing up forever!

Alex-RennieThe Energetic Clearing Technique really helped me. I didn’t know what to expect, but found the process to be easy to follow with amazing results. I don’t always want to see the dark sides of my past, but I realized I couldn’t change what I can’t acknowledge. The exercise took me several hours to complete, but it was well worth it.

The day after, it was like taking a dark pair of sunglasses off. Old patterns seemed to fade away, my thinking became clearer and I felt much more powerful. Since completing the program, my money issues have shifted in a positive direction and things are finally working themselves out financially, (whew!) Thank you Ken.
Alex Rennie, Business Owner

I can assure you, there are no coincidences in life and, since you are reading this, you are being called to learn, grow, and evolve your money consciousness.

Whose Point of View is Determining How Much Money You Have?

Think about it. Haven’t you tried to follow lots of people’s points of view on how you should make money, save money and spend money? But if you are like me or the thousands of people I have worked with over the last 18 years, you have most likely found that no matter how great all the advice, books, and audio courses were, you still don’t have the amount of money you want. In fact your greatest thinking and the greatest thinking of all the money teachers hasn’t changed much for you, right? If it had, most likely you wouldn’t be reading this.

So here is my promise to you. I promise that you don’t have to take on my point of view about how to have money. I am not a money guru, I am an everyday guy who had to figure out how to have money and I had to stop thinking in terms of how everyone else got their money. I, just like a lot of you, tried for years following all the formulas from the Money Gurus and I ended up broke, tired, hopeless and worn out. Can you relate? Well Soul n Money™ is not about following Ken D. Fosters exact money formula, but it is about helping you to realize how to make and have money now.

Before I met Ken Foster, my dreams and finances were buried in dust. The deep sadness I felt for not living my life’s purpose was very heavy. When Ken began mentoring me, my dreams not only came alive, but EXPLODED into view! He helped me change my perceptions, open me up to receive, and awaken new visions that have fueled me to launch my new business: “12 Secrets to SAFE, HAPPY and CONFIDENT KIDS in the 21st Century. Ken is an amazing support, and if you ever want one of the best business men in the world in your corner, Ken is your man. I feel so blessed to have found him. He really has been the catalyst to step into my greatness. Thank you, Ken!
Lorraine Pursell, The Parent Mentor,


Ken D. Foster clearly understands the complexities of our business and has guided me with a heartfelt, no nonsense roadmap to find our own solutions, reach our goals and bring more health, vitality, money and joy back into my life.

We are quickly seeing the results of his coaching which has resulted in our revenues increasing 215% and new opportunities coming in daily. I am excited to know that we are on the right track and you will too if you work with Ken.
Helice “Sparky” Bridges

Let me show you the good news! Within the next few minutes you can be listening to and realizing how to have money starting today. Really!There is no hype to this. When you get Soul n Money™, you will be given immediately access to download the audios and workbook. In the first few minutes you will learn the H.A.V.E. Money Strategy which will change the way you save and have money for the rest of your life. How valuable will this be for you? In the next few minutes as you listen to the Soul n Money™ audios from the comfort of your home, I will also teach you my proprietary method to access what the sages and saints of India call; “The Superconscious Mind”. As Einstein once said; “I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details.” How important would it be for you to know how to access the same information source that Einstein did and apply it to money? There is no hocus-pocus here. You will be given the step by step method to tap into your “inner genius” that has been passed down from the sages and record keepers of the ages. The old adage; “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” may apply to you here.

Talk about results! One phone call to Ken immediately solved my sales and money problems. And it wasn’t just a small problem; it was how to dramatically increase the sales of my program to a live audience with tact and graciousness. Without even hesitating, Ken asked me the right questions, helped me change my perceptions and find the best solution and it worked – a 50% increase in sales the first time out. This will mean tens of thousands of dollars for me over the next few months. If you are looking for an increase in sales and cash flow, contact Ken.
Ari Galper
Founder & CEO, Teacher of Reverse Selling™,


So, how can it get better than this? Let me tell you! As you learn the Soul n Money™ principals, you will develop a new relationship with money. Imagine having a nurturing and fulfilling relationship with money! It may sound kind of silly, but I suggest to you this is exactly what will change that which has been unchangeable for you up to now. The Soul n Money™ is proprietary and you will not find the methods that are taught or the remarkable results you will get in any other programs. Why, because the heart of the program will teach you how to have your own, unique relationship with money by connecting you soulfully to your particular money path. And won’t be using logic to make money like you did in the past, but you will be taping into your brilliance and unlimited resources that were never an option to you before.

My recommendation for Ken is unreserved and enthusiastic.

Every one of my interactions with him has led to major breakthroughs, and not just in terms of insights, wisdom and support which were abundant — but actual opportunities where lots of money came into my life. He is responsible for introducing me to a key collaborator whose project is among the most important Joint Venture I am pursuing, and in another instance, he provided me the technology that helped raise a much needed round of capital that catapulted my business upwards. He is a uniquely gifted teacher, guide, coach, and a great spiritual friend.

Peter Shiao, Founder & CEO, Orb Media Group


Now if you’re anything like me, you probably want to understand the model. You get all (8) Soul n Money™ Audios 30 to 50 minutes in length and the Soul n Money™ Workbook, PLUS! (4) Bonus Audios “Beyond Soul ‘n Money™” and the . All are designed to augment each other. Depending on how you learn quickest, either from audio or, you can start wherever you want. For instance, you may listen to the Soul n Money™ Audios first and then do the corresponding work in the Workbook or vice-versa. Here is the general format:

  • Understand how to change your point of view
  • Increase awareness of how to have money
  • Realizing what has stopped you from having money
  • Release, delete and un-create destructive money concepts
  • Reopen to receive money in many new ways
  • Put the superconscious mind to work for you
  • Increase intuition and make right choices
  • Expand potentialities and possibilities of having money
  • Tap into clearly defined energetic money fields
  • Increase will power and won’t power
  • Take guided and inspired actions
  • See real world results and have money




GitteKen has not only showed ways to support my business building with concrete actions, he has helped me discharge the deeply hidden limiting beliefs that kept me from creating my dreams. I can honestly say that my life has transformed into a life filled with joy, self-confidence, greatly improved time management abilities and greater abundance. If you are looking to turn your life in a new direction and create health, happiness and more money then you will benefit from working with Ken – his business skills are diverse plus his empathic skills enables him to know exactly what is going on within you so he can make the next suggestion or ask the right question so that the doors of success are opened – amazing experience!
Gitte Hegelund, CEO at Workpartners Ltd.,

“Beyond Soul ‘n Money” …Bonus! Beyond Soul 'n Money (4 more audios)OrderNow



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