“Re-Claim your Power – Re-Purpose – Re-Emerge

& Build a Better Future”


Why “The Courage to Break Through Summit” is something which you needed all along?


All your life you go to different places, you learn new things. Some workout for you & some don’t. Along the way you fail and sometimes you succeed.

But after all you still feel there’s a lack of passion & purpose that’s stopping you from reaching your true potential.

And now you are looking for a Breakthrough which can finally help you find your lost cause so that you can realign with your purpose & let go of limitations that have stopped you in your past.

4 REASONS why you can not miss this BREAKTHROUGH Summit:

1. You are making poor choices.

This is not something that is intentionally done by us. But guess what, your environment is the reason that you make choices which are not good for you. What will happen to you if you surround yourself with people who are all about creating a better life and are there to guide you.

That’s exactly what’s gonna happen in “The Courage to Breakthrough Summit”.

3. You want to exponentially grow your business.

All the World Class speakers in the summit charge thousands of dollars for personal coaching sessions. But you get all those world-class speakers sharing their decades of experience all at the same time for free. Get to learn from the masters in “The Courage To Breakthrough Summit”.

2. You suffer from low-self Image.

Nothing can be achieved if our own inner dialogue is discouraging & yes that’s one of the worst things which happens with most. But Breakthrough is about changing how you feel about it. Me together with 15 world-class speakers will help you change that.



4. You need support and Guidance.

Most successful people all had people who supported them, guided them to the right path. Learning and getting coached by world-class coaches is something you need to create a better life.

Who is Ken D Foster?


After working with professionals, CEO’s , Celebrities for over 3 decades ken has brought courage, wisdom, hope & transformation in the life of thousands of people around the world.

His unique business strategies and combines them with international wisdom that makes his teachings like no other.

He specializes in working with people who are committed to generating their greatest dreams, up-leveling their lives, and maximizing their highest potential, and he does this exceptionally well.

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