Ecuador: A Must See, Must Experience

Ecuador is One of 17 Megadiverse Countries in the World

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Join Us for an Adventure of a Lifetime!
Podocarpus National Park, Galapagos Islands, & Much More




The Sacred Valley of Longevity

Galapagos Islands

Can’t be adequately described, they must be experienced!

The Andes Mountains

Come Play with us in the Playground of the Incas

The 'Botanical Garden of America'

so named by Conservation International

Travel to Ecuador with Ken D Foster

March 9-17, 2017 or May 18-26, 2017

An Adventure
in Ecuador

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Our Travel Vacations are built upon a passion for self-discovery, adventure, beauty and a desire to help our clients understand themselves at a deeper level.

Our Adventure Includes...

  • Rain Forrest Walks
  • Water Fall Trip
  • Young Living Oil Day Excursion
  • Mandago Walk
  • Bike Riding
  • Horseback Riding
  • Swimming Park
  • National Forrest Trip
  • Floating Spa Emersion Therapy – The greatest benefits are deep levels of meditation, expanded vision, inspiration, deep levels of focus, and recover from injuries faster.
  • Your choice of 3 Massages: Traditional Swedish massage, Rakie Session, or Raindrop Therapy
  • Morning Yoga Sessions (Spanish or English)
  • Milky Way Evening Excursion
  • Every Participant will be given a ½ our Life Coaching Session from Ken D Foster
  • Every Participant will be given a Healing Session with Edwardo Flores

About Ecuador


Our destination is Vilcabamba, a village in the southern historical and scenic region of Ecuador, aka The Valley of Longevity. In the 70s a spotlight was shone upon this village and speculation grew about the inhabitants living extraordinarily long and actively healthy lives up to 130 years.


Ecuador is unusual in that you can choose any climate you prefer by where you go in the country. Laying along the equator translates to no summer and no winter. There are typically wetter and drier seasons, though. Vilcabamba has more moderate rainfalls that generally pass rather quickly and give way to its glorious sun.


Ecuador holds the honor of having the first constitution to recognize the rights of nature due to the fact that it is one of 17 megadiverse countries in the world, as accorded by Conservation International. It has 1,600 bird species (15% of the world’s known bird species) in the continental area. [Learn more on Wikipedia]


We will be feasting on Gourmet Organic Foods served morning, noon, and evening. Ecuadorian cuisine is diverse. The variety springs from the different altitude and associated agricultural conditions. Most regions in Ecuador follow a three course meal of soup, a course that includes rice and a protein, and then dessert and coffee to finish, though traditionally dinner is their lightest meal.


The music of Ecuador has a long history. Pasillo is a genre of indigenous Latin music. In Ecuador it is the “national genre of music”. Through the years, many cultures have brought their influences together to create new types of music and dancing, well, it’s just what you do when you hear that seductive Latin rhythm!


You’ll find a cornucopia of locally made souvenirs, recycled paper books, upcycled fabric hand bags and purses, organic shade-grown coffee, granola, marmalades, beauty products (like propolis cream), natural soaps, horse mane gloves, and much more,

Included on the Tour

The Enchanting (Galapagos) Islands consist of 13 major islands and six smaller ones,. Known for its numerous exotic, endemic species, these are the charmers of the islands and include iguanas, sea lions, turtles, penguins, boobies and much more.

in 1986, the Galápagos National Park was included in the list of Biosphere Reserve because of its unique scientific and educational worth that should be preserved for perpetuity.

Podocarpus National Park is a meeting point between four ecological systems: Northern Andes, Southern Andes, Amazonian, and Pacific. It contains an exceptionally diverse flora, and has been considered the ‘Botanical Garden of America‘. The park has more than 4,000 species of plants including trees that can measure up to 40 meters, like the romerillo (Podocarpus glomeratus) which gives its name to the park, and many other valuable species like the Cinchona – the national tree of Ecuador – and a huge variety of orchids. [Learn More]

Vilcabamba – the Sacred Valley of Longevity

In Vilcabamba the weather is nearly perfect all year long, the fertile land yields abundant crops,
people are active and drink the natural pure water that cascades down from the Andean peaks.


Spanish and English. A large percentage of the local population, especially those in business, speak English. In fact, there’s a large ex-pat population.


Scientists come from all over the world to study the megadiverse nature of Podocarpus. It is an extraordinary forest with marvelously fascinating life forms!


There are many things to do in and around Vilcabamba including a hummingbird garden, botanical garden, sprawling organic farms, hiking, biking, horse riding, swimming in the river, getting a massage, and so much more!

When would you like to join us?

March 9-17, 2017

Summer in Ecuador (slightly warmer and occasional showers)


May 18-26, 2017

Autumn in Ecuador (somewhat cooler and drier),


Register for the May 2017
Ecuador Adventure Today!

(Early reservation required. Space is limited to only 20.)

Register for the May 2017
Ecuador Adventure Today!

(Early reservation required. Space is limited to only 20.)