22 Questions to Get to Know Yourself Better

Knowing yourself better is crucial for personal growth and fulfilment. It can help you lead a more meaningful life. However, getting to know yourself isn’t always easy unless you ask yourself the right questions and be honest with the answer. Here are some questions to get to know yourself better.

Importance of Knowing Yourself

Here’s why you need to know yourself:

  • Understand what makes you tick, what you’re good at, and where you struggle. 
  • Live life according to your own values and not what society or others expect from you. 
  • Make decisions that actually feel right for you, not just what looks good on paper.
  • Express your thoughts and feelings to others. 
  • Adapt to changes much better because you know what you’re capable of and when to ask for help. 
  • Live a fulfilling life. 
  • Be grateful for what you have. 
  • Handle emotions better. 

Questions to Know Yourself Better

Here are the questions you can ask to know yourself better:

  1. What are my strengths and weaknesses? 
  2. How can I use my strengths to achieve my goals? 
  3. How can I work on improving my weaknesses?
  4. What are my short- and long-term goals?
  5. What activities give me the most joy and fulfilment? 
  6. What motivates me to keep moving forward? 
  7. Where do I feel safest?
  8. What are my happiest memories? 
  9. What are my biggest fears, and how do they impact my decisions and actions? 
  10. How do I define success? 
  11. How do I handle conflicts? 
  12. How do I handle failures? 
  13. Am I grateful for what I have?
  14. How do I spend my free time? 
  15. Do I forgive people? 
  16. What is personal success for me? 
  17. Am I an extrovert or introvert? 
  18. What leads me to stress?
  19. Whom do I inspire? 
  20. What impact do my words and actions have on others?
  21. What are my future plans? 
  22. How do I handle setbacks or failures in my personal relationships?


How can I start my journey of self-discovery?

  • Ask yourself meaningful questions (as mentioned above)
  • Set aside time for introspection and journaling
  • Engage in activities that encourage self-awareness and personal growth 
  • Surround yourself with supportive friends 
  • Celebrate small milestones throughout your success journey to acknowledge your progress

Does relationship play a role in knowing myself?

Yes. Relationships, both personal and professional, help you know how you interact with others and how they react to you. They help you understand your communication style, what triggers your emotions, and how you behave in relationships.

How can I overcome obstacles on my journey of self-discovery?

Overcoming obstacles on the journey of self-discovery requires patience, resilience, and self-compassion. It’s important to learn from setbacks, seek support from trusted friends, and stay committed to your personal and professional growth journey.

The Final Word

Getting to know yourself better is a continuous journey that offers countless opportunities for growth, reflection, and transformation. By asking these questions and reflecting on your answers, you can know who you are and what you want out of life.

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