Who Are Moral Entrepreneurs?

by | Sep 4, 2023 | Personal Development

Who Are Moral Entrepreneurs

The concept of moral entrepreneurship has been around for a long time, but only a few people know about it. Moral entrepreneurs try to shape our society without expecting much in return. There’s a lot more to them. In this article, let’s discuss moral entrepreneurs in detail.

Who Are Moral Entrepreneurs?

Moral entrepreneurs are individuals or groups who actively influence and shape society’s moral values. They perceive a particular issue or practice as a moral problem to address and work actively towards it in line with their values.

In 1963, Howard S. Becker coined the term moral entrepreneur in his book “Outsiders: Studies in the Sociology of Deviance.”

Types of Moral Entrepreneurs

There are various types of moral entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Social justice advocates support equity and human rights, challenging systemic inequalities and advocating for marginalized communities (those excluded or discriminated against in a society).
  • Environmental activists focus on ecological well-being. They raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices to improve the environment. 
  • Ethical leaders guide their followers to adhere to specific moral principles.
  • Humanitarian organizations like NGOs address global challenges like poverty, disease, and conflict.

Characteristics of Moral Entrepreneurs

  1. Values-Driven Advocacy: They are motivated by strong moral or ethical convictions. They often see their cause as a matter of right and wrong.
  2. Social Change Agents: They take on the role of change agents, aiming to transform societal norms in the issue they are passionate about.
  3. Public Engagement: They conduct public campaigns, engage in public speaking, and appear in the media to promote their values and influence public opinion.
  4. Policy Advocacy: They may work to influence regulations and public policies related to their moral values.
  5. Social Pressure: They may force individuals or groups to follow their moral values by condemning certain behaviors or practices.
  6. Alliance Building: They connect with people with similar mindsets to strengthen their influence, which, in turn, helps them achieve their goals more effectively.
  7. Media Presence: They use traditional or social media to spread their message, raise awareness, and gain support for their cause.

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Impacts That Moral Entrepreneurs Create

Moral entrepreneurs create both positive and negative impacts on the society, such as:

Positive Impacts

1. Social Progress

Moral entrepreneurs fight for civil rights, social justice, and equality. Their cause leads to positive social change by challenging unjust systems and promoting more inclusive societies.

2. Awareness 

Moral entrepreneurs raise awareness about moral issues through public campaigns and media to educate the public about important social and ethical matters.

3. Legal Reforms

Moral entrepreneurs can influence the creation or modification of laws by advocating for specific moral values. The change in the law can improve the legal protection for marginalized groups. 

4. Cultural Evolution

Moral entrepreneurs help to shape cultural norms over time. Their efforts can lead to shifts in societal attitudes, making certain behaviours or practices more accepted or rejected. 

5. Community Mobilisation

Moral entrepreneurs often mobilize individuals with similar mindsets to form interest groups. This collective action can foster a sense of community and shared purpose, leading to increased social engagement and cooperation.

Negative Impacts

1. Intolerance

The strong beliefs of moral entrepreneurs can sometimes lead to intolerance towards those with different beliefs. This can result in social polarisation and the formation of “us vs. them” mentalities.

Additionally, since moral entrepreneurs try to impose their values on others, they limit individual freedom to some extent.

2. Moral Panic 

Moral entrepreneurs may exaggerate some issues to create moral panics. While this can increase awareness about that issue, it causes the public to panic. 


Moral entrepreneurs significantly contribute to shaping the moral values of our society. Their efforts can help make significant changes in a society’s cultural norms and legal systems.

I hope this article gave you a clear idea of what the silent forces — moral entrepreneurs — contribute to improving our society.

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